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Zero Tolerance 0350ST Pocket Knife Review

by Chooser Guide
Zero Tolerance 0350ST

Do you like having a tanky knife? Well, if you are looking for a knife that withstands tough usage, then you will love having the Zero Tolerance 0350ST Pocket Knife in your pocket. This model gives you the feeling that no matter the circumstances, you can always rely on its super sharp blade and Ultralight design.

While this cannot be said for other models at similar sizes and price range, the ZT0350ST tough construction doesn’t snap under pressure ensuring a service you can depend on for years.

You can have peace of mind wherever your journey takes you thanks to the high-end construction. While the knife has a sleek look, at a closer look, you will find that it is actually beefy and overbuilt than other models. This gives you the confidence you need to take on all challenges.

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Key Features

  • Blade material and length: S30V stainless-steel blade with tungsten coating, 3.25 inches long
  • Overall length: 7.75 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Handle: matte black G-10 handle that is textured
  • Closed length: 625inches
  • Locking mechanism: Liner Lock

Features and Benefits of Zero Tolerance 0350ST Pocket Knife

  • High-performance S30V stainless steel blade

The Zero Tolerance 0350ST Pocket Knife comes with a sharp, strong, and durable blade. The blade is made from high-end S30V stainless steel materials. Dissimilar to regular stainless steel, this material is tough and designed to retain a sharp edge for a prolonged time.

The material also has excellent corrosion resistance and shatter resistance. This allows you to use it to slice various materials without any problem. Additionally, the blade is easy to sharpen using traditional sharpeners or electric sharpeners.

To boost the blade performance, the knife has a Tungsten DLC coating. Besides giving the knife a nice look, this coating also reduced friction drag, allowing it to cut like butter. Similarly, the finish enhances the overall hardness. Notably, the blade has a decent 3.25 inches long, making it a great pick for multiple situations.

  • Features an advanced Linerlock with assisted opening

This model comes with an assisted opening mechanism that is facilitated by an advanced Linerlock. The lock has a Speed safe feature that is activated once you hit the flipper with your finger. This can also be actuated by using the two blade stop on the blade’s spine. What sets this unit from the rest is that the spring-assisted mechanism deploys the blade super fast with minimal effort.

Additionally, the blade is secured in place and produces a distinctive click sound. This ensures that your blade is locked in place securely. Howbeit the ambidextrous design, left-handed individuals can also use it with ease as the blade stops on the knife’s left side and doesn’t reach the micarta because of the liner lock. Some may find these issues but you can solve the issue easily by using the flipper to deploy the blade.

  • Handle

Notably, the ZT0350 knife also boasts of a G-10 handle that is cleverly designed to ensure superior comfort and a secure grip. The premium materials are weatherproof ensuring a solid performance regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The material is not only non-reactive with water but also it will not contract or expand in extreme weather. This eliminates the daily wear and tear, ensuring solid performance for years.

Additionally, this handle is well coated to improve its overall durability. The finish also hardened the handle by providing an extra layer of protection for enhanced corrosion resistance. Another feature worth noting is the fine cross-cut line that or increased grip. This ensures a firm grip even when using it in wet areas. Moreover, the solid handle evokes a flat rather than a round design, which is more comfortable and easy to hold.

  • Reversible clip 

With a sturdy and adaptive design, the ZT 0350 pocketknife is a solid and heard use everyday carry knife for outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, electricians, landscapers as well as wilderness guides. Many people appreciate the reversible pocket clip that allows you to carry the knife in four ways. This makes it easy for left and right-handed people to carry the knife safely.

The reversible pocket clip enables you to either carry the knife tip down, tip-up, tip on the left, or tip on the right. On the other hand, the handle comes with a pre-drilled attachment point for the lanyard. Overall, we find this knife extremely rugged and always ready to offer a reliable performance whenever a need arises.

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  • Boasts of a high performance S30V stainless steel blade
  • Smart, ergonomic, and solid construction makes it versatile for multiple applications
  • Comes with a premium G-10 scale handle with a quad mount pocket clip
  • Features a special speed safe lock that allows for secure closure and super-fast blade deployment


  • Some find the folder to be a little bigger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the best use for this knife?

Answer: Sturdy and versatile, this knife is a great pick for everyday use outdoors, in a workshop and emergencies

Question: What is the weight and length of the knife?

Answer: This knife weighs about 5.6 ounces and is about 7.75 inches long

Question: Is the blade easy to deploy?

Answer: Yes, this unit comes with Speed safe Linerlock, which makes locking, and unlocking the blade super easy.

Our Verdict

Even under extreme conditions, the Zero Tolerance 0350 folding knife offers you the mechanical strength that you need to tackle the task at the handle. Actually, this is a compact version for the 0454 model, making it easy to carry while still enhancing its flexibility.

Another feature that stood out in this model is the reversible clip and predrilled hold that allows you to add a lanyard. Moreover, we love the razor-sharp blade that doesn’t need sharpening right from the box.

Howbeit, it requires occasional sharpening, but we love the fact that it retains a sharp edge for a very long time. Overall, if you are looking for a high-end knife that comes with exquisite workmanship and delivers diligent performance for years, this model will work for you perfectly.

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