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PORTER-CABLE 690LR Fixed Base Router Review

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porter cable 690lr

Undoubtedly, when you are in the woodwork profession, you need to have a creative mind. Also, it requires the best skills to have perfection in work. But one thing is must besides your skills, which is selecting the right tool. Wood router tool is such a thing that will help you to get proper finishing each time. Porter-Cable is a renowned brand for top quality router tools. 690lr is a well-known product of them that comes with a fixed base. If you are thinking if it is worth to invest in this product, we must read this Porter-Cable 690lr Review. Here you will get to know every detail about the product.

PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed Base, 11-Amp (690LR)

Who Can Use This Product?

As you know, this is a fixed base wood router, so it mostly suits to the newcomers in the industry. At the same time, you are a DIY lover, you will find it so much helpful. Especially, if you have a hobby of crafting different things with wood. It’s easy controlling makes the work easier.

However, it is also suitable for professionals who have to deal with most of the mid-level works.

Key Features Of Porter-Cable 690lr

Compact Design

Wood router tools come in both larger size and compact size. For small DIY projects or regular small projects, the router needs to have proper controlling. This is possible when it comes to less weight and compact size. The thing you will first notice in the Porter-Cable 690lr is its compact size.

Total dimension of the item is 12″x5.5″x8.62″ inches (L x W x H). The total weight of the item is only 8 pounds. So, controlling or moving the router during work becomes easy. Moreover, when you have to carry the router to your Jobsite, it would be easy.

PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed Base, 11-Amp (690LR)

High Power Capacity

Whether you are a novice or an expert, high power wood tools can make your work easy. At the same time, you can save time on the projects. If I compare the 690lr model with products at the same price, this one has better power capacity.

It features an 11-amp motor that is capable of producing 1-3/4 peak horsepower. This is enough for a wide range of works. You can easily complete your DUY projects, small and medium projects, and some larger projects. Save your time on the projects and utilize it for your creativity and skills at work.

Single Speed Motor

Instead of speed variation, the 690lr model comes with single motor speed. You will have 27,500 revolutions-per-minute in the motor for doing various wood projects. However, this can be a big trouble when you want to do a variety of wood projects.

You can’t change the speed based on the type of work. If you have a desire to apply the same router for all wood projects, this one is not recommended. Check for other models of Porter-Cable.

User-Friendly Design

You may go for a high-end product but the problem is, those products are designed for super professionals. If you are just a beginner or do DIY works with wood as a hobby, those products won’t suit you.

Controlling could be difficult for advanced products. But the features of the Porter-Cable 690lr are user-friendly and easy to control.

This item comes with 2 ergonomic molded handles that increase comfort during work. You will have more control over the movement to avoid any unwanted application.

Moreover, it features an auto-release collet system for bit removal. Removing the bit and replacing it with a new one is easy in it.

Dust-Free Environment

No matter what kinds of works are you doing with woods, there will be dust from the wood. Regardless of the type of wood, it will happen for sure. The thing is, the old-fashioned routers don’t have any dust collection system. But Porter-Cable is exceptional at this point. It features an easy system to collect dust.

690lr’s dust-sealed components allow you to collect dust efficiently at any type of work. Simply connect the hose with the router and remove all dust and have a safe and clean work environment.

Durable and Longs Lasting

The thing I would like to specially mention in the porter cable 690lr review is its longevity. What we usually see in case of a low priced product? The product is not durable and it is not long-lasting. But this rule is not true for all items and 690lr is the proof.

The base of the router is made of machined aluminum which ensures longevity. It is highly durable and has much strength compared to products at the same price.

PORTER-CABLE Router, Fixed Base, 11-Amp (690LR)

Things I Liked

  • High power capacity with 11-amp motor
  • Affordable price and top-grade features
  • Easy to control and use for a wider range of works
  • Quick and easy bit removal for users’ convenience
  • Precise coarse adjustment
  • Proper dust collection system with particular components

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Changing the bit requires the 2-wrench system
  • Not an ideal product for larger professional projects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does this model have the lever release feature for a bit changing?

Answer: Yes, it does. The model number of this item is 690lr where LR means ‘Lever Release’.

Question: I am wondering does it feel comfortable when working for a long time?

Answer: It is a compact wood router that is easy to control and the over-molded grips ensure comfort in extended use.

Question: Is it a quiet wood router or it makes huge noise?

Answer: In simple words, the router makes noise but only when applying for hardwoods. Also, this one is not designed for hardwood or heavy works. For soft and regular small wood projects, you will have a calm environment.

Final Verdict

This porter-cable 690lr review has covered the things you must know about this item. So, the decision is yours if it is suitable for you or not. But if we consider the features and the price, it is a fair deal. With the moderate usages, this wood router will serve its best for years. If you buy from the original vendor, it will have a warranty feature.

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