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Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit Review

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makita xt505

When it is power tools and likes very few are trusted as Makita as far as quality, durability, and reliability are concerned. To make your job done perfectly you need a perfect toolbox, right? Makita has a reach combo kit family that presents you Makita xt505 lithium-ion cordless drill set; a painkiller for your headache.

If you are the kind of guy who is worried about drilling, cutting and stuff like these then this combo from Makita is giving you four efficient cordless tools.  Along with the hammer driver-drill and impact driver, you are getting cordless flashlight which helps to work in darker areas.

The 3.0 AH battery ensures super-fast charging which can be considered top in the category. We would like to talk about the gems of Makita xt505 review in this article.

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Features of Makita xt505 Cordless Combo Kit

This popular kit from Makita includes drill driver, impact driver, circular saw, reciprocal saw and a flashlight. It is one of those tools which are greatly used by professionals as well as DIY guys. That’s why you might be interested to know its important features. Here are some important ones which we think are enough to make you more enriched about this model.

Hammer Driver-Drill

Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-Pc. Combo Kit (3.0Ah)


The toolset consists of XPH10Z ½ hammer driver-drill which has a variable speed of 0-600 and 0-1900 RPM. This hammer drill produces up to 480 in./lbs. of torque which means you can get more work done in a short period of time.

The drill is especially useful for woodworking project but you can use it in metal, rock or other projects as well. The Tool is easy to handle having only 3.5 pounds of weight. It has a built-in 4 pole motor which is considered large enough among cordless drills. This gives you enough power to drill anything.

You will not be fatigued using the tool as the weight is not like a rock and you have an ergonomic handle to maneuver smoothly. The two built-in LED lights of the drill are good enough to remove the darkness around your job if any. Being a small feature you can’t actually neglect this one as it comes handy in low light areas also.

Circular Saw

Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-Pc. Combo Kit (3.0Ah)

The XSS02Z  6-1/2 in. Circular saw has the ability to speed up to 3,700 RPM. It means you will get a  faster cutting and easily ripping through the woodwork. A circular saw is a must for every woodworker. And this circular saw of Makita is light but powerful which means you can easily carry the saw.

Along with this, it takes little effort to cut through the plywood and materials like it. The saw is somewhat capable like larger saws in ripping off the wood.

XRJ04Z Recipro Saw

Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-Pc. Combo Kit (3.0Ah)

The Recipro Saw features a refined crank mechanism for faster cutting and demolition works. Recipro saw delivers a variable speed of  2,800 strokes per minute with a 1-1/4 inches Stroke.

It weighs 8.1 pounds with a battery that means it’s not that much difficult to handle. Because the saw is light, you can continue using it without getting weighed down.

If you are looking for a great all-around cutting tool then this one is for you. This is very good for cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.

XPH10Z Impact Driver

Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-Pc. Combo Kit (3.0Ah)

The variable speed impact driver can produce 1,460 in-lbs of maximum torque. This impact driver is highly recommended for different types of fastening and driving applications.

Its weight with battery is 2.8 pounds which means its very light in nature. While the maximum speed of the rotating tip is 2900 RPM, the impact driver delivers 3500 RPM.

Xenon Flashlight

Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-Pc. Combo Kit (3.0Ah)

Like other cordless kits, it also comes with a flashlight. In this case, it is the DML185 Xenon Flashlight. The 4-position flashlight with Xenon bulb gives you a bright and portable light source for working in relatively darker regions.

This one is more effective than its other cousins in its range and in lighting a comparatively larger area. When you have your project placed in a dark area or an area with lots of shadows then this one is perfect for you. The Xenon bulb runs up to 7.5 hours per charge with a 5.0 Ah battery. It takes only 30 minutes to charge the battery.

Though the Xenon flashlight is quite good for intended users, heavy users might still want to upgrade to LED.


  • cheaper than its other cousins
  • Excellent and long-lasting battery life
  • batteries have charge indicators so you know when to charge
  • Large carry bag makes carrying easy enough.
  • Extreme protection technology reduces the amount of water, debris, and dust.


  •  not a brushless tool
  • The drill trigger control is sensitive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Is the drill brushless?

Ans: No, You can find other brushless versions from Makita like Makita XT269M but you would not get 5 pieces like this one.

Ques: Is it possible to use 4.0 or 5.0 ah batteries with this tool?

Ans: Yes, you can.

Ques: Are all the batteries interchangeable within drills, flashlights, and the saw?

Ans: Yes, the batteries that come in the kit can be used with any of the tools in the kit.

Ques: Does circular saw eat all the power quickly?

Ans: It does draw eat the power but not as bad as expected. The circular saw is, in fact, the best tool in the kit as far as we have seen. But If you are thinking to use this saw with battery power for a long period than have some batteries charged and ready for you.


Nowadays, Users are a lot more looking for combo kits. We have gathered in our discussion of Makita XT505 review every bits and piece about the tool. If you are a pro tool user or a DIY guy, this one could be a very smart pick for you.

All the necessary tools for you in a bag is a very cool thing, isn’t it? You can surely go for it without aching your head thinking too much.

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