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Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit Review

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makita rt0701cx3

Nowadays Hobbyists and craftsmen are looking for the wood router kit that offers excellence in service. Makita is here to get you that. My Makita RT0701CX3 review will let you know and discover more features & functions of this fantastic wood router.

Makita RT0701CX3 with the kit is a complete solution for wood routing. All the advanced tech has made this router one of the best. It ensures the maximum horsepower that comes from a 1-1/4 HP powerful motor. This power ensures accuracy along with better performance.

Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

You will understand why this router can be the best pick for once you check out this review.

System Specifications

  • Plunge Capacity: 1-38”
  • Load Speed (Variable Speed): 10000 – 30000 RPM
  • AMPS: 6.5
  • 1-1/4 HP Maximum Horsepower
  • Overall Length: 7-7/8”

Technical Specifications

Overall product dimension 18 x 14 x 13 inches
Style Kit with 3 bases
Power Source Corded electric
Total weight 19.3 pounds
Voltage 120 volts


Highlighting Key Features of Makita RT0701CX3 Router

Features are the key point for grabbing the perfect tool that a user needs. Lets clear all the confusion by taking a look at the key features of this handy tool.

Accuracy With Depth Adjustment

All the woodwork requires to be accurate in every aspect. This is how any of the projects can be the best-furnished work you have ever done. But getting accuracy with a router is surely not an easy task.

Makita RT0701CX3 router has a smooth rack-and-pinion fine depth adjustment that makes the job a more accurate one.


If you are not comfortable with a tool that you are working with, then it can turn your project into a disaster. From this thinking, the RT0701CX3 router features an ergonomically designed body.

This design allows the user to hold this router with more ease. As a result, the user can get more control over the router.


No one expects a router without the durability. This router is built to last for a long time. Double insulated heavy-duty aluminum is used on this tool to make the motor housing. For a router, this material is much essential to make the tool more durable.

Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit


More power means more control over the job. When you are working on a special wood project, then power means a lot. This router has 1-1/4 HP motor with 6.5 amp which produces 10000 RPM to 30000 RPM. This power with variable speed ensures improved performance.


Bases play a vital role to make you more comfortable with your woodwork. Makita RT0701CX3 router has a striking part and that is three bases. Yes! You heard right. This router has a plunge base, tilt base, and the offset base.

According to the need, a user can use all these three bases. These bases function differently. These come as a solution for you to deal with the toughest position of routing.

Plunge Base

It has a depth capacity of 0 inches to 1-3/8 inch. So, it becomes easy to penetrate. If you are looking for precision, then there is 3 preset depth stops. So, with it, it is highly convenient to use fine depth adjustment.

The lever on the plunge base is placed in a convenient position. It has a clear plastic shield that is removable. This shield is used for protection from airborne debris. The sub-base accepts industry standard template guide. This template guide makes it more convenient.

Tilt Base

This base works from different angles. -30 degrees to 45 degrees is the required measurement for this base to work. It allows the user to use the same router bit for different profiles.

But the basic difference of this base with plunge base is, it is ideal for trimming laminated board and thin material.

With a plunge base, you won’t be able to work with these types of materials. Using ¼ inch shank bits is the best way to make this tilt base work perfectly.

Offset Base

There are some areas that quite hard to reach. The offset base can help you with that. This router kit is also popular as a versatile kit. It works as close as ¾ inch to the wall that is good enough to work perfectly.

This base is ideal for many types of applications, especially for countertops, kitchen, and bath sink cutouts. It is also used ¼ inch shank bits.Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

What We Liked

  • It allows trimming laminated board or material of the same categories.
  • The motor is made of aluminum that ensures its durability.
  • There is a plastic shield to protect the user from debris
  • This item has a heavy-duty aluminum motor.
  • The way to change bits for shaft lock is convenient and easy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There is no LED light in the base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does it come with a guide roller for a plunge base?

Answer: There is no guide available for the plunge base. If you can pay more, then you might get one for it.

Question: How loud is it?

Answer: Some users said that this tool makes high pitched noise. But actually, it doesn’t. This just screams just like other routers. So, it won’t cause any disturbance in your work.

Question: Can I attach this router on a router table?

Answer: Yes, you can attach this tool on a router table. But you need to do some work for it. Mark out for some new holes that match the holes of Makita RT0701CX3. So, the table inserted will become the new base plate.

Question: Does this come with any bits?

Answer: No. there is no bits are included with this model of Makita router.

Final Words

This Makita RT0701CX3 router with kits is a combination of multiple packs and power. The powerful motor produces a suitable RPM that is required for the job. Making your work more furnished, you need a router that provides the necessary feature and support.

This review is a depth analysis of the Makita RT0701CX3 router. A user will know how this tool with the kit offers the latest tech & support. It makes the routing process easy. It’s a tool of easiness and makes the routing process faster. The three base facility allows you to choose the perfect way for different types of work.

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