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Makita CT226 Max CXT Cordless Combo Kit Review

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No doubt you will have more power in a corded drill. But what happens when you want to reach some narrow space or have to carry the drill to different sites? This becomes difficult for professionals and a cordless drill can make it easier. That is why we planned for Makita Ct226 review and you should include a cordless drill in your toolbox.

Cordless drills come in a variety of forms and with different features. Makita has various cordless drills with different power capacities. Makita Ct226 is a popular product of them. This review will let you know if it is enough to perform some heavy-duty works.

Makita CT226 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (1.5Ah)

Who Can Use This Tool?

This is a professional grade tool combo that any professional can use. Especially, if you have to visit remote areas for jobs, this tool would be highly beneficial. Its cordless design allows reaching any narrow areas without the tangle of cords.

Moreover, the high power capacity completes the tasks easily. Whether you want to drill or tighten up the screws, it is good to go.

Key Features of Makita Ct226 Cordless Combo Kit

Compact Design

The first thing you are going to like in this tool is its compact size. As there is no need for any cord or additional power source, you don’t need additional space for cord storage.

The 3/8 inches Driver Drill has only 7 7/16 inches long size that easily fits a toolbox. It weighs only 2.8 pounds that give relief to your wrist. When you are holding the tool for a long time, there won’t be an issue.

The impact driver comes with only 6 1/8-inches length. it weighs only 2.2 pounds that you won’t feel fatigued for longtime usages.

To carry the total combo, it comes with a carrying bag. Carry it on the bag or in the toolbox whatever you want.

High Power Capacity

Once you buy this item, you won’t complain anymore that cordless drills have less power. Instead of ordinary power capacity, this combo kit is designed to fulfill most of the professional demands.

The driver-drill can deliver up to 250-inch pounds of maximum torque for heavy power. On the other hand, the impact driver can deliver up to 970-inch pounds of maximum torque.

No matter if you have to apply these tools for a variety of purposes. Both tool kit has a speed variation for precise applications. Driver drill has 2 speeds which are 0450 RPM and 1700 RPM.

The impact driver has two different speeds which are 0 2,600 RPM & 0 2,400 IPM. The speed variation allows the apply the same tool for multiple usages.

Comfortable to Use

Whether you are a pro or just entered in the mechanical industry, you should always prefer tools that are easy to use. In terms of user-friendliness, this combo kit has satisfactory performance. From heavy thick wood to light DIY projects, everything is easy with the tool.

The ergonomically designed drill kit is comfortable to hold. The handlebar is so much comfortable to avoid irritation. The handle is rubberized for soft and proper gripping when working. So, when you are working on a tight space, it won’t fall from your hand.

Longer Battery Life

Whenever we see a tool is battery powered, the first question comes into mind is, if the battery is enough for consistency? Well, unlike the traditional battery system, this combo kit features slide design.

There is no extended part of the tool to keep the size to keep it compact. Easily change the battery whenever you need it. It requires lithium-ion battery and the battery is included with it.

Its battery has longer life for consistent support for maximum performance. It keeps the power-efficient even at the maximum speed.



You won’t change your tool kit regularly, right? That requires something efficient and durable. If the tool doesn’t perform after a certain time, you should not spend on that tool. The good news is; this combo kit is constructed with top-grade materials.

Also, the internal mechanism is so good and it won’t collapse within a short time. So, you can invest in this combo kit for your regular works.

Makita CT226 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (1.5Ah)

Things We Liked

  • Suitable to use in hard to reach areas
  • Compact design with carrying bag for transport
  • Comfortable to hold and the handle has a rubber grip
  • Built-in LED light for a better view
  • Battery and charger are included with the combo
  • Slide battery design for users’ convenience

Things We Didn’t Like

  • None of the tools is a hammer drill
  • Quality of the battery could have been better

 Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The product description is saying that this item is battery powered, do I have to purchase the charger separately?

Answer: No, you don’t have to buy an additional charger with this combo kit. The charger is included with this item. However, it won’t work with 12V max pod-style tools.

Question: This product is labeled to use with a 110-volt charger. If I want to use a 220-volt charger, what should I do?

Answer: Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t support the 220-volt power source for charging.

Question: Does the combo kit have the option to use one of them as a hammer drill?

Answer: No, this combo kit doesn’t have a hammer drill. You will have an impact driver and driver drill in the combo.

Question: What about battery life? Is it enough to pass a long day work schedule?

Answer: It actually depends on your work style. However, for moderate usages, the included battery is enough for a single day backup. If you need additional power support, you can buy a spare battery for your works.

Final Verdict

This Makita ct226 review has covered everything that you need to know about this powerful tool. Now the decision is yours what you want to do. But after analyzing all the features, this item is providing the best features within a competitive price.

It is easy to use and comes with a battery with extended life. No hassle of external power source on the job site.

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