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DEWALT DCS355B XR Oscillating Tool Review

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In any kind of profession where you have to use tools, choosing the right one is mandatory. For example, if you are a carpenter, finding the right tool can save you time. Today we picked DEWALT  DCS355B review because some of them only suitable for a particular task but some are for multipurpose. An oscillating tool is a thing that you can apply for a wide range of purposes.

DCS355B is a popular one in the market that is constructed by the popular brand DEWALT. It can handle different tasks for you. If you want to know the details in the way as a professional, this review article would help you.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool, Brushless, Tool Only (DCS355B)

Who Can Use This?

DEWALT has kept the price of it at a reasonable price. No matter whether you are a newbie or a professional, you can grab it for regular works. This is a versatile tool which means people from different professions can use this item.

Because of cordless design, there is no hassle in the carrying or the power source. This easy to carry design allows to keep it with you on different projects.

Key Features of DEWALT DCS355B Oscillating Tool


Remember that when you are buying a new oscillating tool, it needs to be compact enough. Why? Because when you want to apply it, you may have to work within a narrow area. Especially, when you want to trim wood or cut tiles line, compact size is mandatory.

Unfortunately, only a few products have the dimension that allows you to use it conveniently. DCS355B oscillating tool from DEWALT is one of them.

First of all, it comes with a cordless feature which means you don’t need some extra storage for the cable. Moreover, there is no hassle to keep it in the right way. You can move it from different angles.

It allows you to use it in a tight space without getting stuck somewhere. The weight is only 2.73 pounds that you won’t feel fatigued when working on a project for a long time.

Brushless Motor

No matter what you are using for your professional works; it needs to be powerful. And the power if a tool or the performance of it depends on the motor. That is why when you are buying a new one for any kind of work, you need to check the type of motor.

You will find mainly two different types of motor which are a brushless motor and brush motor. Brushless motor has some additional benefits.

The good news is, this DCS355Bfrom DEWALT is constructed with a brushless motor. The main benefit of this motor is, it requires less maintenance. At the same time, the motor has increased reliability and torque per watt of power input. But the best thing is, you will get up to 57% more run time with this motor.

Variable Speed

For any kind of tool, especially related to wood require variable speed. This is necessary because you can’t apply the same speed for all kinds of objects.

This so much relatable to the oscillating tool because the main purpose of it is using for a variety of purposes. When you are picking a new one, check for the speed variation.

It focused on all DeWalt DCS355B review that, you can control the speed easily with a trigger. It features a dual grip system that allows controlling the speed conveniently. Based on the object type, select the right speed and complete your project.

Easy Accessory Changing

No matter which oscillating tool are you buying or which brand is producing it, you have to change accessories for usages. For example, you may want to trim the wooden object, you can’t use the blade that cuts the wall. This requires an easy changing system with less effort.

Though this item from DEWALT doesn’t have the star lock system which is more user-friendly, still you will like it. Here, you just have to loosen the trigger and the blade and pull it and replace it with the new one. No need for using additional things. You can change the accessories at any time without a wrench.

LED Light

You never know which will be your project site. For instance, sometimes you may have to work in a basement with your oscillating tool. But usually, the basement has a shortage of light that makes some issues in the proper finishing.

To overcome this issue, DEWALT has included a bright LED in it. This LED has enough power to keep the surrounding visible. Increased visibility helps to get proper finishing and avoid mistakes.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool, Brushless, Tool Only (DCS355B)

Things I Liked

  • Dual grip system for variable speed
  • Cordless design for compact size
  • Weighs less to avoid fatigue when working for longtime
  • Comes with universal accessory adapter for easy changing
  • 57% more runtime compared to traditional motor
  • Enough cutting speed for simple works

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Noise level may make you annoyed
  • Charger and battery are not included

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What would be the oscillation angle for it from DEWALT?

Answer: According to the product description, it features a 1.6-degree angle at 0-20,000 oscillations per minute.

Question: It mentioned that it comes with a universal accessory adapter, does it work for any accessories?

Answer: Well, this unit comes with a standard accessory adapter which is suitable for most of the common accessories. Working for different projects and changing the accessories won’t be an issue with it.

Question: I was wondering does it comes with a carrying case like some other tools from DEWALT?

Answer: It doesn’t come with a carrying case; you will get only the bare tool.

Question: What is the exact dimension of this oscillation tool?

Answer: The total dimension is 2.3 x 5.2 x 2.8 inches. So, you can easily carry it within a tight space.

Final Verdict

In DEWALT DCS355B review, we have found it as a good to go oscillation tool that is compact and easy to use. Compared to many other products in the same price range, this one offering most.

It is durable enough to last longer and provide the best service. With one single tool, you can perform a variety of works just by changing the accessory, and it doesn’t require any additional tool.

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