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DEWALT DCF899B Brushless Impact Wrench Review

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dewalt dcf899b

With time, power tools have created their own appeal and importance in the practical world. In this Dewalt DCF899B review; you will have a hint on how the manufacturers are giving it their best effort to come out with better tools. This brushless impact wrench comes from a world-renown company. This tool features lots of mechanisms that make it a better power tool.

It is capable to handle a max torque of up to 700 ft-lbs. According to the application, you can easily control the drive/torque with the 3-speed selector switch. Even the low light situation cannot be an obstacle in your work.

This tool also has a bright LED light to help you work with better visibility. This Dewalt DCF899B is a very balanced unit of the impact wrench.

Let’s have a glance at its other details below.DEWALT DCF899B 20v MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2

System Specifications 

  •  No Load Speed – 400/1200/1900 RPM
  • Max torque is up to 700 ft-lbs & max breakaway torque is 1200 ft-lbs
  • Impacts/Min – 2400 IPM
  • The LED light with a 20-second delay
  • ½” Anvil with detent pin

 Technical Specifications 

Product Dimension 9.9 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches
Batteries 1 Nonstandard Battery
Style of the item High Torque
Power Source Battery-Powered
Voltage 20 volts


Features of The Dewalt DCF899B Impact Wrench

 Without knowing the features of this tool you cannot decide why this tool is best in services. Some of them are described below.

A True Anvil For Your Jobs

The Detent pin is important for such a powerful tool. Dewalt DCF899B also comes with a detent pin. It contains a retaining pin. You must press this pin. It will release any socket from the impact driver. If you’re intending to work in an elevated position with the same size of bolts and nuts, then this pine is perfect for you.

It also prevents the socket from falling out accidentally. In most of the heavy construction tools, this feature is included. Comparing the price, this feature is a great one for this impact wrench.


Once you pick this tool, then you will realize it comes as a perfectly assembled one. The motor is set in a very balanced position. All the parts and mechanism made this tool is heavy but good for better service. It has an overall weight of of6.4 pounds. This tool ensures pure power for your job.

From a ¾ inches impact wrench, maximum tightening torque of 700 ft per lb and breakaway torque of 1200 ft per lb. The user can control such power with the 3-speed selector. The controllable RPMhelps the user to put lug nuts in manner.

Build with Quality

As a power tool, Dewalt DCF899B infuses a very solid feel in your hand. This tool has a rubber over-mold feature which is familiar as it is used in many other power tools of Dewalt. This tool is very easy to control because it has a variable speed trigger. According to the level of your job, the impact is adjustable. But to use it comfortably, you should use heavy gloves.

The LED light becomes brighter when you will be working on polished material. After depressing the trigger switch the LED light works in its way. After 20 seconds the light will turn off. So, releasing the trigger switch does not hamper your visibility on the spot.

Run Time

For a better run time, a power tool needs a powerful battery. Dewalt DCF889b also has a powerful battery in which runtime is great. All the professionals can feel the advantage of such power. This tool comes with a great combination of brushless motor & high-capacity.

As a result, the efficiency of the run time increases dramatically. Anyone can work with this tool for an entire day. Tightening and removing bolts become easy for the day.

Even if the battery drains down, you won’t feel any difference in performance. It will provide the same power in a low battery. Moreover, even in a 33% percent battery life, you feel the power like the battery is charged fully. Ultimately, you won’t find any difference in power.

Reverse and Forward Button

This tool also features the lock-off function. Changing the direction is easy with the forward and reverse control button. To turn off the tool there is a button in the center.

To change the control button position you must release the trigger. There is nothing wrong can happen with this tool. So, dealing with this power tool offers more comfort for your job.

With the 3-speed setting, most of the tough job turns into the easiest one to handle. This setting allows the user full control over the application. According to your requirement, you can get power once you start this tool.

What We Liked

  •  It is built as a durable one.
  • The 3-speed selector switch offers extra control over the power.
  • This tool comes with a battery fuel gauge
  • The LED work light is incorporated with this tool
  • Contains a heavy-duty impact mechanism that ensures max torque of 700 feet/pounds

What We Didn’t

  •  As a power tool, it is quite heavier than other models.
  • No battery or charger comes with it.

User Experience

This tool does not only provide power but also makes life easier. Lots of users are impressed with the Dewalt DCF899B impact wrench. With this tool, almost every lug can be taken off with ease. It’s highly useable in some heavy automobiles like a truck.

So, the users are considering this tool as a perfect one from the same class of other power tools. It can handle tough jobs in 5 seconds.

This impact wrench works best to loosen the rod or any other objects. Loosen any tough material and unscrew it is just a matter of time for this tool. The durability also keeps the smile on the user’s face.

Final Words

Power is everything for a power tool. Dewalt DCF899B brushless impact wrench comes with the same power that makes the job easy and fast. Maybe it is heavy, but not too heavy for getting a better service. From this Dewalt DCF899B review, now you know that the impact wrench is not a widely popular tool but this one makes some difference.

It offers excellent help for the task even for the DIY project or professional needs. This tool is also considered as pretty much indestructible because of its well-built construction. It not only comes to help in your job but also makes lots of differences. With a limited budget, this tool gives what you need in the long run.

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