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DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver Kit Review

by Chooser Guide

Do you need a cordless impact driver drill for your next home project? DEWALT DCF887D2 is the ultimate impact driver kit that comes with all the versatilities. An impact driver with a cordless functionality is a special tool for home DIYers and professionals workshop workers.  

 There are many out there who needs the best cordless drill or driver machine for performing multiple tasks. If you’re a woodworker, tile worker, craftsman, or anyone who has to accomplish a whole bunch of screwing, building decks, and wood tiling, then you desperately need the best impact driver. 

 However which one is the best one? There are so many cordless drill driver to work with. But choosing the right one is a real mess for anyone. 

 We’re going to make you free from the hassle of selection. We’ve come along with the sole impact driver kit of DCF887D2 from DEWALT. 

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, 3-Speed, 1/4-Inch, 2.0-Ah (DCF887D2)


System Features Of DEWALT DCF887D2 Brushless Impact Driver Kit 

  • Brushless motor 
  • 20V batteries 
  • 3 LED lights 
  • Triple speed settings 

Technical Specifications

Weight  7 pounds 
Dimensions  16.2 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches 
Material  Metal/Plastic 
Torque  2000 in-lb. 
Power-Source  Battery  


Features and Advantages of Dewalt DCF887D2

DEWALT DCF887D2 comes with a bunch of peaks and perks. This is mostly used among those who need to tighten or fasten screws or bolts daily. 

This is the durable and flexible cordless impact driver kit that is a handy tool for every professional man. 

Let’s just get into the details of this tool and know its high peaks! 

Powerful Motor

The motor is manufactured from the DEWALT. So, you’re getting the whole piece of a DEWALT manufacturing brushless motor. The motor is durable for any kind of construction site work. Whenever you’re struggling to deal with a consistent screwing and drilling task all around you, you can’t deny this tool from being your best mate. 


Since this is a cordless tool to carry easily anywhere to work with. But what about its weight? The weight is another thing that adds more flexibility to the users. The ultimate pros that its users love are its weight which is only 2.65 Ibswithout the battery. 

So, working for longer hours at a stretch isn’t going to bother you anymore with this DCF887D2.  


Who does want to work with a giant piece of the tool? Well, we never like to work with a bigger tool to handle our all-day-long task. So, we want something to be very flexible to hold and work with.

So, here we can proudly announce that this impact driver isn’t only lightweight but comes in the user-friendly size. Though the size is smaller, you can’t underestimate its power.  


This has an extremely powerful brushless motor. Thus, it can produce more than 1800-inch pounds torque with 3250 RPM speed. And it produces torque at a very high-speed offering 3600 impacts in every minute.  

Else, it has 3-speed settings. So, you can get the accuracy in a task for the variable speed trigger. If you need the best accuracy in screwing or drilling, you must set the first gear for getting 0-1000 RPM performance. It is a slow process with torque more than 240 inches/pound. It let the users do their task slowly but with perfection. 

And the second and third gears are 0-2800 RPM and 0-3250 respectively. If you want 1500 inches/pounds then you can select the second gear else the third gear offers 1825 inches/pounds.  


You will be satisfied with the battery lifespan performance. It does more work but consumes less power. So, it’s going to save your money in the long run. The Lith-Ion battery kit has 2.0Ah power capacity.

It can run 1 hour at a stretch if everything is in perfect condition. But while this machine requires more than 1-amp current, it probably won’t able to approximately 1 hour. 

The coolest feature that none of us ever could imagine that its battery has an indicator. So, you won’t have to stay in unconscious state guessing when your battery is going to die. You can view the exact remaining battery charge and get alert to charge the batteries again and enjoy nonstop tasks.  


As it’s a complete impact driver kit, it comes with the chuck too. The chuck is a ¼ inch and the type is hex. So, you can only use hex shanks included bits. While some other impact driver users have to give a lot of effort to change bits, but changing these bits are simply easy.  

LED Lights

You will get three LED lights around the chuck. We sometimes can screw into the wrong position when the shadows come over the objects that we are working with. So, the best thing to get with any impact driver kit is the LED lights. Its LED lights eradicate the shadows from interrupting your target of screwing.  

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, 3-Speed, 1/4-Inch, 2.0-Ah (DCF887D2)

What We Liked

  • Able to use by one hand. 
  • Easy-grip. 
  • Lightweight and smaller size. 
  • 3-speed settings for handling different tasks. 
  • Powerful motor with the flexible batteries kit. 

What We Didn’t Like

  • The torque is extremely powerful for the basic wood screwing task. 

What Do Users Say About It? 

Users of this DEWALT impact driver kit love it for the efficiency, flexibility, motor power, and durability. Else, this doesn’t cause any annoying noise to its users. So, you can operate with this in a very comfortable noise range. 

Moreover, who don’t have time for maintaining a power tool, they love to work with. It doesn’t require any heavy maintenance. And most of its users loved its battery’s runtime performance in one charge.  


This was all for our DEWALT DCF887D2 review. If you want optimal performance with the satisfactory battery runtime, then you’re going to enjoy its overall activity.  

Else, this is worthy to be your mate for every drilling or screwing task you’re going to perform. Lastly, whoever isn’t getting the right driver kit, they should choose this indeed. Its lightweight, long battery runtime, powerful motor, and the smaller size is worthy to be in your hand. 

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