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DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver Kit Review

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dewalt dcf887b

A good selection of power tools means you are far ahead to complete a tough job. This Dewalt DCF887B review will let you know you why people are relying on this particular impact driver. It comes as a versatile tool for everyone. This model has lots of positive sides.

The manual speed setting gives the user more control. The motor is efficient to do the job that you need to be done. It is the best of the money purchase, according to its specifications. This model is a perfect addition to the screwing features and fastener damage. The quality ensures its durability in the long run.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver Kit, Brushless, 3-Speed, 1/4-Inch, Tool Only (DCF887B)

System Features Within The Dewalt DCF887B Review

  •  ¼” hex bit chuck
  • No Load Speed: 0-1000/2800/3250 RMP
  • 3-speed settings
  • 20 second LED trigger-release delay
  • 3 LED work light around the chuck

Technical Specifications

Overall Product Dimension 8 x 3 x 5.9 inches
Power Style Impact Driver
Build Material Composite
Power Source Battery –Powered
Torque 2000 in-lb


Evaluation of Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver In Details

To make the impact driver useful, most of the professionals love to check the features. In spite of the pocket-friendly price, let’s check about some key features of this impact driver.

Brushless Technology

Brushless technology is the most required features in an impact driver. In this model of Dewalt impact driver, this feature is also perfectly incorporated. To provide the most excellent efficiency, it can increase power.

This feature allows the user to control the power according to the task. Ultimately, it helps to save battery life. It also monitors the resistance of power.

3 Speed Setting

3 Speed setting is another good option to control power. You can easily select how powerful and fast your driver can go. It’s easy to configure the speed from low to high.

Every professional and beginner love to use this drive because it helps to get more control over the power. According to the application, setting the power becomes easier because of this feature.

Compact and Lightweight

When an impact driver comes in a compact size, then it’s easy to handle and carry. This Dewalt DCF887b impact driver is not only compact but also lightweight. Dealing with it for a few hours does not give any pressure on your arm. It’s easy to hold up the driver for a long time.

LED Lights

Like most of the Dewalt impact drivers, this one is also featuring lighting. This LED light blocked in many impact drivers when they needed most. This manufacturing company learned to solve the problem. They included three LED light which is installed around the driver’s shaft.

This multiple LED light set in a different location that is perfect to increase your visibility in a tight spot. It illuminates instantly after pressing the trigger but shut down 20 seconds later after releasing the trigger.


To get the force from an impact driver a motor is everything for that. The voltage of this impact driver generates a peak voltage of 20V. This powerful motor makes possible to get more flexibility and versatility.

Controlling this tool won’t be possible if you cannot get enough power from it. A powerful motor is not only for power output but also maintains the consistency level. Every setting will give more control that comes from this powerful motor of this impact driver.


Most of the buying decision change only for the life of the battery of impact router. Better battery life means better service. DCF887B offers such battery life that we need for a powerful impact router. For this model of impact router, you can buy the official models, but there is an option to go to the third party.

The third-party doesn’t guarantee you about the quality. You just need to check the mAh. It goes higher means it will last longer. The battery of DCF887B has enough capacity to render back up the whole day.


DCF887B comes as a solid and tough tool. The strong construction allows the user to use it roughly. Drops, bumps, and bangs do not create any problem to handle this power tool. The design is perfect to control the movement of all the parts. As a result, durability got increased. It’s easy to handle with the perfect exterior design.

Smooth handle means more durability. You will get years of the useful life of the Dewalt DCF887B. If you follow the manual perfectly and do not give any excessive force, then you will get more durability of this tool than it offers.

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What We Liked     

  • It is very much compact and lightweight
  • This model comes with brushless technology for battery life
  • Works very well in tight spots
  • This tool comes as a durable one
  • Variable Speed trigger

What We Didn’t Like

  • It seems heavy during long sessions of use.

What Do The Users Say?

User’sopinions make a great impact on other people who are going to use this tool. From deep research, we found that most of the users are positive about this tool. Now they are more confident about their job with the help of the Dewalt DCF887B impact driver. For the beginner, this tool comes as a blessing in both performance and the price.

It’s affordable and provides great service. Brushless technology saves more battery power. The 3-LED light gives the user more visibility in any dark spot. The quality is great for the money. This tool is designed to serve your purpose and does the job it’s meant to do.

Final Thoughts

As a highly diverse and versatile tool, this impact wrench is the best one out of other options of the power tool. From this Dewalt DCF887B review, it’s easy to imagine, this tool is here to achieve better work results. For both hobby-based DIY projects and heavy-duty projects, this tool proves itself as a worthy power tool.

Getting the best performance from such an affordable power tool is amazing. This quality driver does not arise any issue rather solves plenty of problems. Investing in the tool is not making you any regret at the end of the day. The feature flexibility and power make this tool is a suitable unit for your job.

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