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DEWALT DCD980M2 Drill/Driver Premium kit Review

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dewalt DCD980M2

Drill machines come in a variety of features. If you want to do only some regular home improvement tasks, it is not essential to spend a lot. But if you are a professional worker and your work’s success depends on the drill, think twice before selecting a product. We are aiming to write DEWALT DCD980M2 review because it is a popular item from DEWALT which is leveled for industrial usages.

The price of this item is indeed higher than conventional drills. So, you may have the thought is it worth to spend that amount of money! Before buying this item, I also have the same feeling. From my work experience, here I am going to share what did I like and what I didn’t.

DEWALT 20V MAX Drill/Driver, 3-Speed, Premium 4.0Ah Kit (DCD980M2)

Who Can Use This Drill?

This is a cordless drill with heavy power like a corded one. This item is ready to perform its best at a variety of objects. Any professional worker who has to walk to the job site carrying the drill will find it helpful. Without any stress, anyone can carry it for a long distance. Carpenter, mechanic, plumber, and some other professionals will like it for compact and powerful design.

Benefits of DEWALT DCD980M2 Drill/Driver Premium kit

Compact Size

When I received this product, the first thing I noticed is the compact size of it. When most of the industry-grade drills come with a heavyweight and larger size, this one has a lightweight.

Even if you keep holding the drill for a long time during your project, you won’t feel anything painful. I have completed several projects and I didn’t face any issues.

Moreover, there is no cord in it. So, it does fit a toolbox where you may also carry some additional things. If you don’t have a toolbox, use the carrying case that included with the drill.

Heavy Duty Capacity

Don’t ever judge a product based on the type of power source. Indeed, battery-powered drills used to have less power. But the scenario is not true at least for the DEWALT DCD980M2 drill. This one operates with 20V MAX* XR Lithium-Ion batteries that ensure that the drill is getting enough power to keep it workable.

This drill includes a high-efficiency motor. It is capable of delivering 535-unit watts out of maximum power for outstanding performance. Apply for a wide range of objects for drilling. This works best for heavy woodworks.

Besides, it is also applicable to concrete and steel. It has a ½” metal ratcheting chuck with carbide insert. This provides a maximum bit gripping strength for heavy projects.

DEWALT 20V MAX Drill/Driver, 3-Speed, Premium 4.0Ah Kit (DCD980M2)


Speed Variation

Completing a wide range of projects requires a drill where you can change the speed. This is because when you need to complete a small project with accuracy, high speed may create torque. In that case, it is difficult to handle the drill. The only way to avoid this issue is by avoiding high speed.

For users’ convenience, instead of a single-speed, this one features 3-speed settings. Set the speed at the desired level and get the accurate RPM for perfection at work. Next time when you are working with some small objects, speed is not an issue.

Run Time

When I was ordering this item, I was confused if the drill is ready for continuous backup. Honestly speaking, once I have started working with this, I was so surprised. Compared to similar battery-powered products from different brands, this one has more run time.

With the full charge, you can complete a medium to heavy projects without running out of battery. However, I always prefer to keep an additional battery or backup power.


This is a versatile drill that I liked most. Besides drilling works, you can apply it as a blower or wood finisher. Versatile design gives you relief from the stress of carrying multiple items. Moreover, you don’t have to purchase some additional items for other works.

DEWALT 20V MAX Drill/Driver, 3-Speed, Premium 4.0Ah Kit (DCD980M2)



There is no doubt that you have to spend enough on this DEWALT DCD980M2 drill. So, you have the right to know how durable the product is. Well, the parts of this machine come with top-notch materials for durability. Also, the lithium-ion battery is highly durable.

All you have to do is take proper care to ensure longevity.

Things I Liked

  • The compact cordless style for a hassle-free move
  • Powerful battery for longer runtime
  • Easy and comfortable to use and ensure perfect gripping
  • Applicable for a wide range of materials
  • Maximum RPM is 2000
  • LED light for working on dark workplace or basements

Things I Didn’t Like

  • This item doesn’t have a bit holder which is annoying
  • No feature for noise reduction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Is the drill suitable for charging with 220V and 110V both?

Ans: No, this one is designed to charge with the 110V connection.

Ques: What things do come with DEWALT DCD980M2 drill?

Ans: The battery, charger for the battery, and carrying case are included with it.

Ques: The product is claiming that battery can give backup for 24 hours, is it true?

Ans: Well, in my case, I have completed larger projects without running out of battery. But it won’t be 24 hours. You may use an additional battery for backup.

Ques: Is it a cordless hammer drill?

Ans: This item is not a hammer drill. However, this one has enough power that you may also use a hammer drill in a particular setup.

Final Verdict

After using drill machines for a long time, I have started writing on them and this DEWALT DCD980M2 review is the part of it. From my experience, I can assure you this item is worth to spend your budget.

The overall performance is satisfactory. Professional workers will find it hugely comfortable and convenient. Carrying or holding the drill for a long time won’t be an issue when you have it at the toolset.

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