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DEWALT DCD780C2 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Reivew

by Chooser Guide

Undoubtedly, DEWALT will be at the top of drill machine brands. But as we know, all products from a brand won’t give the same service. So, when you want to buy the DEWALT DCD780C2 drill, you may have several questions in mind. It is nothing wrong, rather it is wise to know for which features are you spending.

As a big fan of DEWALT, I have bought the DCD780C2 drill. From my long experience with this cordless drill, here I am writing the DEWALT DCD780C2 Review for some open discussion. If you want to take the final decision, read this before you decide.

Who Can Use This Drill Machine?

First of all, this is a cordless drill machine that is convenient to use. With a good power source, this is capable of doing any small projects to moderately larger projects. Whether you are a DIY expert or just started your career as a professional, you can buy this item for regular usages.

Key Benefits of DEWALT DCD780C2 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Compact Design

Whenever someone thinks about a drill machine, the picture comes in mind is a heavy machine. But the fact is not always true. Especially, when you buy something compact. This item from DEWALT is one of the most compact product with lots of features.

As you know this is a cordless item. That means you don’t need extra space just to store the cord. No matter when you are working in a remote area, the battery-powered drill will work finely. Carry it in your toolbox with comfort. No issues to hold it for a long time during a project. Lightweight design keeps your arms pain free. Moreover, it comes with carrying case and plastic storage.



If you are a professional like me who has long experience with drills, it is easy to control a drill. But when you want to complete your tasks with great comfort, this item could be a good choice. It has allocated the weight perfectly to give a lightweight feel during works. It is easy to maneuver in different directions flawlessly.

The contoured slim grip is comfortable to hold. Besides, the bright built-in LED makes it easy to work in a dark area. For example, when working in a basement, this will help you a lot. Balancing and accurate application is the best feature in the DEWALT DCD780C2 cordless drill.

Heavy Duty

There is a misconception that battery-powered drills are less powerful. Okay, this is true for only some particular products. For DEWALT, they always give their best whether it is cordless or corded. Regardless of cordless design, it is ready for heavy usages.

Featuring 20-volt’s lithium-ion batteries, this one can reach up to 2000 RPM. This heavy power is suitable for most of the larger projects. With the powerful battery, it can provide up to 35 percent more run time compared with similar products. It comes with a 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck and carbide inserts. So, it is perfect for bit-gripping strength.


Speed Variation

Drills come in mainly two types which are constant speed and speed variation. If you are a professional worker, a speed control system is a must. You can’t choose the same speed for a small DIY project and a larger professional project. Considering this facet, DEWALT has included two-speed settings int.

Change the speed according to your needs. the speed variable helps get more accuracy in works. You don’t have to control the torque additionally in the heavy speed of the bit. Just reduce the speed and you are ready to go.


Always remember that electric machines are very risky to invest in. Especially when you don’t know how much will it last. But thanks to DEWALT for their heavy-duty drill. I am working with this item for so long and didn’t find any issues.

All the parts are made of heavy-duty plastic and metal. In long time works, there won’t be any big issue. All you have to do is changing the bit when it is necessary. With proper use and maintenance, longevity is guaranteed.

Things I Liked

  • Lightweight design for comfortable usage for a long time
  • Slip-resistant handle for safety
  • Easy speed controlling for a variety of works
  • Bright built-in LED that improves visibility in the workspace
  • Additional essential items are included
  • Batteries come with the product and save you money

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Instead of three-speed settings like some high-end products, this one has 2 settings
  • Doesn’t have any area to snap a spare bit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: What are the things in the box?

Besides the main cordless drill kit, there are lithium-ion batteries, one fast charger, belt hook, bit holder, plastic case.

Ques: What is the required time for charging the batteries?

Ans: DEWALT DCD780C2 drill set includes a fast charger. With this original charger, it will take approximately 30 minutes for a full charge. So, there is no need for additional batteries for backup. Simply take a break and charge the batteries.

Ques: I am expecting a bag from DEWALT for this product, does it have the bag?

Ans: Yes, besides the plastic carrying case, the drill kit comes with a soft contractor bag. You can store all the stuff together in the contractor bag.

Ques: Does this item have the hammer option?

Ans: Unlike some other models of DEWALT, there is no hammer option in this cordless drill.

Ques: What about the system for operating the drill, is it complicated?

Ans: Not at all! This is a user-friendly cordless drill that comes with easy operation. Changing the speed, the bit, proper balance, everything is just fine in it.

Final Verdict

I strongly believe that the DEWALT DCD780C2 review covered everything that we usually want to know about a product. The overall performance is above average. In different works, the performance may vary but you won’t struggle much. As it is applicable for a wide range of objects, any professional can comfortably use it.

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