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DEWALT DCD460T2 FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit Review

by Chooser Guide

Cordless electric tools are a blessing for the professionals. Particularly, for the people who have to travel to a long-distance workplace. That is why cordless drills are too much popular to the professionals. They are the most convenient thing to complete your project without taking heavy stress. But the problem is, all cordless drills are not the same and you can’t apply for all works. That’s why today I picked DEWALT DCD460T2 Review because it will help you to decide whether it is worth to spend or not.

Here comes the DCD460T2 cordless drill from the world’s most popular electric tools brand DEWALT. They have included all the features that professionals wish in a cordless drill. If you want to buy this item and confused if it will fulfill your requirements or not, read this review.

DEWALT DCD460T2 60V MAX 2 Battery FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit, 1/2

Who Can Use This Drill?

This is not a traditional cordless drill that you apply for light works. Instead, it comes with advanced features that are mainly helpful for the professional guys. Particularly electricians and plumbers would find it more convenient. Woodworkers can also use it for heavy projects.

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 Top Benefits of DEWALT DCD460T2


Nothing is more important than carrying the essential tools to the jobsite. If you think of traditional corded drills, that won’t be easy. You have to carry a large toolbox and need to arrange the cord to avoid toggling. Here comes the necessity of a cordless drill machine.

DEWALT DCD460T2 is the most compact drill in the particular budget range. No need for additional storage for the cord. Simply put your drill in the toolbox and start walking for your jobsite. Though it is not lightweight, still it is convenient to carry.

Heavy Power

Whenever someone checks a cordless drill, the big question comes in though it is the power. Does a cordless drill really have to power to replace a corded one? Well, at least for the DEWALT DCD460T2, the answer is yes. This drill machine features a 60V Brushless motor for the maximum power.

This motor with a powerful battery can reach up to 250 RPM – 300 RPM which is faster than most of the products in the same budget.

From a thick metal project to a regular wood project, you can complete everything. The powerful batteries play an important role to reach this maximum RPM. Batteries are included.DEWALT DCD460T2 60V MAX 2 Battery FLEXVOLT Stud Joist Drill Kit, 1/2

2-Speed Transmission

Based on your profession and the type of job, you may need speed variation. Speed variation is a vital feature when you are a multitasking guy. Thanks to Dewalt for their revolutionary invention of the DCD460T2. It comes in 2-speed settings.

Besides the speed settings, it comes with the VSR trigger. These features allow the user to get a particular speed setting for perfection at work each time.

Variable Power Battery

A constant voltage of the batteries may kill your drill machine as well as your project. Especially when you have changed some tools in the drill, the voltage should be changed. For this, DEWALT brought the smart battery than can change voltage automatically based on tools.

Next time when you have changed the tools and require a different voltage, don’t require to use a whole new system. Stay with your DCD460T2 drill. It saves you time and money.

User Control

You may have purchased the best drill in the market. But still, it is not guaranteed that you can perform any task with it. performance of the drill hugely depends on the user control. At this point, this item does an amazing job.

You can adjust the bail handle in two different positions. The side handle for leverage and control. The best thing you would like is e-clutch. The E-clutch system with a mechanical clutch allows getting full control over the machine.

When you are doing a heavy project, maybe you are using the maximum power. The e-clutch system detects reactionary torque and reduces the speed to save your arms.

Run Time

Don’t get confused about the runtime as it is a battery-powered drill. From my regular experience of using this machine, I can tell you the runtime is beyond expectation. You can’t compare it with the traditional drills. It includes 20V MAX tools that ensure up to 4x runtime compared to conventional battery-powered drills.

Things I Liked

  • Top-notch materials for durability
  • Easy to use and full control of the speed settings
  • Smart E-clutch system for the users’ safety
  • Features LED light to work on dark workspaces
  • Variable voltage from the same battery

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The trigger feels like it will pull off, however, nothing happened this with me
  • It is not a lightweight drill

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: If the batteries are dead, can I use regular batteries from DEWALT?

Ans: This particular drill requires 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT® batteries for optimum performance. Regular batteries won’t be able to do that.

Ques: I am a professional worker and need a huge backup, is it able to give backup for a full day?

Ans: You can indeed do lots of works with a single charge, but you should use an external battery for backup.

Ques: Is it suitable for drill or holes in metal objects?

Ans: It depends on the metal and the type of works. Based on the type of metal, performance may vary. For example, this is not the best item to apply to steel. But it is sure that for general metal works, its performance is amazing.

Ques: How much time does it take for a full charge of the battery?

Ans: It will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes for the full charge.

Final Verdict

So, here the DEWALT DCD460T2 Review tells you the benefits of this item. With smart features and maximum runtime, this drill is one of the best picks for professionals. if you can afford the price, I would strongly recommend purchasing this item. Compared to similar products, I have found a huge difference. With the same price range, DEWALT is offering much for the users.

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