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How to Cut Concrete Pavers – Know Before You Start Cutting

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Concrete pavers are a relatively inexpensive and attractive way to beautify your walkway, driveway, and yard. To match the exterior, some pavers need to cut to fit your layout design. There are varying options including simple hand tools to expensive power tools to cut the pavers.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to learn about how to cut concrete pavers. By the time you completed reading this article, you should get the confidence to tackle the work.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start reading.

How to Cut Concrete Pavers - Know Before You Start Cutting 2

Things You’ll Need

There’re various ways to learn about how to cut concrete pavers. In our article, we’ll discuss how to cut them by using different power tools or just by hand. Now, the question is, what do you need to complete the tasks. In the following section, you’ll get your answer.

Basic Requirements:

  • Dust Mask
  • Goggles
  • Straightedge or square
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Working Gloves

The above items are the basic requirement to do any paver cutting task. However, to accomplish your project, add an essential tool with the basic tools which meet your project demand. Like,

Project Head (Choose Preferred One):

  • Hammer & Cold Chisel
  • Circular saw or table saw
  • Tile saw
  • Brick or concrete splitter

Various Ways to Know before You Start Cutting


How to Cut Concrete Pavers - Know Before You Start Cutting 3

First and foremost thing you will need to do is proper measuring. Two ways you can do this measuring technique. One is to lay all your stones first, and then calculate the distance from your last stone ending point to your determined stone’s cut point.

Another way is lay your full task on paper to estimate the measurement for stones you’ll need to cut.

*Warning: Always wear goggles and dust mask while cutting any kind of pavers. Cutting pavers using saws can make lots of dust which have the potential reason to cause cancer. Even chisel cuts can send the pieces of concrete toward our eyes.

Mark the Cut

Once your measurement portion is complete, now it’s time to transfer that measurement into the paver. Mark the clear cutline using a straightedge, and carpenter’s pencil. Make sure you place the cutline all the way meaning front, back, and both sides of the paver.

How to Cut Concrete Pavers - Know Before You Start Cutting 4

Different Cutting Options of Concrete Pavers

Selecting the best tool can make your work easier. If you have some easy cuts, the old-fashion method using a hammer and chisel will do the magic. If you require lots of cuts, it’s best to rent a brick splitter or wet saw. If you have a circular saw or angle grinder, just get a diamond blade, and you’re ready to cut. 

Now, the decision is yours. Pick your desire option from the following list to cut the concrete paver.

Option-1: Use Old-School Way

If your layout requires cutting a few pavers, the old-school is a true and tried way. You can do this job with a hammer and cold chisel. Expert masons apply this technique to cut pavers. However, it’s just an option if you don’t have any access to electric power on your worksite.

  • Take a chisel and place it along the cutline. Now, carefully strike the chisel with a hammer to cut about 1/8 inch deep. Try and apply evenly along the line on all sides of the paver. Do not apply much force because it may break the paver irregularly.
  • Position the paver on a flat surface. Set the edge of the chisel into the groove of paver. Tap the chisel with a hammer so that it breaks the paver along the groove line. Make sure you refine the edges before installing them using a hammer and chisel.
How to Cut Concrete Pavers - Know Before You Start Cutting 5

Option-2: Use a Power Saw

You can virtually cut concrete pavers with any type of power tool as long as you have the right blade. Especially the circular saw or table saw is very handy to use. In either case, make sure to use the diamond-tipped blade which works great for this project.

  • Fit the diamond-tipped blade in your power saw to cut the pavers. If your pavers are concrete, make sure you choose the blade labeled for cutting concrete. As because there are blades available for stone and others as well.
  • Starting the shallow cut along the marked line. After each pass, adjust the depth of the saw until you reach the desired depth of ½ to 1 inch.
  • Turn over the paver and repeat the same method on the bottom side of the paver.
  • Set the concrete paver on a flat surface. Tap the overhanging part of the paver with a hammer to break it along the cutline. Now, the clean paver is ready to be set into your layout.

Option-3: Use a Tile Saw

People use different tools to cut their concrete pavers, but a tile saw is far simpler to use. The abrasive blade works really smoothly and shorter the work time, just like to cut the ceramic tile.

  • Lay the concrete paver on the rail of the tile saw. Pour some water on the top of the paving surface. Make sure you put on eye goggles while using this tool.
  • Slowly push the paver towards the blade. Remember the slower you go the even your cut will be. Depending on the speed level you provide, the result will come.
  • Once your paver gets in contact with the blade, keep pushing, applying even pressure and speed. In the time, the blade starts cutting, decrease the speed level. After that move the blade more slowly. But remember, if the blade is too slow, it’s very difficult to cut.

Option-4: Use Concrete or Brick Splitter

A brick splitter is a non-power tool that works like a log-splitter and is designed for cutting concrete pavers or brick. By the way, it’s a very demandable method to users as it’s very quieter and produces less dust than other power tools. If you want to cut concrete pavers, make sure you rent a splitter designed for concrete.

  • Set the concrete pavers on the bottom of the tool. Now, align the cut line with the splitter’s cutting edge.
  • Pull down the handle of the splitter sharply to cut the paver in a smooth way.

Final Thoughts

Knowing about how to cut concrete pavers is a very straightforward job. Using some household or some expensive masonry tools can complete your project.

Above all, remember the safety issue and be cautious whenever you’re working with power tools. Don’t forget to wear proper safety gear.

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