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Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router Review

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bosch mrc23evsk

Handling complex pieces of wood can be hassle-free work if you have a small router woodcutting tasks. But getting one of the best routers from the market is not an easy job. As a help to that, this Bosch MRC23EVSK review will describe to you why it is one of the suitable options in this aspect. It’s a great tool for doing detailed craftsmanship.

If you are looking forward to getting better performance from a small router, then this one can fulfill your needs. It can also provide enough power to make the job done in a perfect and detailed manner. Starting woodworking with this router can be the jackpot for you. It can encourage you by rendering you different types of facilities.

Let’s check what it can offer to us for our upcoming woodworking projects.

Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router - 15 Amp 2.3 Horsepower Corded Variable Speed Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Router Kit with Hard Case

System Features highlighted in the Bosch MRC23EVSK

  • Trigger control system located in the handle
  • After lock Microfine Depth Adjustment
  • Two stages of the quick clamp system
  • Reduce start-up torque
  • Variable speed dial

 Technical Specification

Model No. MRC23EVSK
Overall Product Dimension 22.7 x 15.2 x 9.8 Inches
Product Style 2.3 HP Combination Router
Voltage 120 volts
Power source Corded electric


The Key Features of Bosch MRC23EVSK In Details

A great product comes with great features. Buying this router is a great investment when you know the details about all the features it offered to us. All the details are given below.

Power System

A better power system makes this router as a great option for routing. This power system is trigger controlled which is fully functional. Even the user can get some extra facilities to get more control. In the fixed base and the plunge, the base has the power switch that allows more controlling power.

At the top of the list, the variable speed dial is the good thing that makes the power of router more useful. According to the task, the optimal speed can be set by the variable speed dial.

The Precision with the Depth

Without perfect depth adjustment, the plunge setting can be a disaster for you. This router offers After lock microfine bit depth adjustment. This feature is not only for depth adjustment but also makes the adjustment process more accurate.

The range of such depth is 1-5/8 inch and that is enough for adjustment. For multiple pass operations, nothing good can happen without accurate depth. The adjustable turret stop is here to help you to set the depth.

bosch mrc23evsk

Powerful Motor

This router is a package of power. It doesn’t matter how tough is your job. It holds 2.3 horsepower that comes as an amazing feature which is much need for woodworking. Even using the power, you can easily control the speed range that starts from 10000 RPM and ends to 25000 RPM. 15 amp motor is giving the best support to handle such power. Sometimes the speed can be compromised, according to the cut.

But Bosch MRC23EVSK does not have this problem of slowing down. As a result, you will get a product with the best finishing.

More Stability

To use a router, stability leads to more accurate feedback. This router has threaded holes that are enough to add stability. It helps to mount to the router table. These holes follow the most common pattern that is needed to mount a router to the table.

This stability also needs for any kind of plunge routing. To make it more accurate, it has a spring lock plunge lever. The depth rod also helps to make the plunging process easier.

What We Like

  • A powerful and well-designed tool
  • The soft trigger grip to hold it
  • Very much light in weight
  • Soft start function which makes this device less noisy
  • High mobility because of cord swivel option

 What we don’t like

  • The plunge base is hard and sticky which is not good for this router.

Bosch MRC23EVSK Combination Router - 15 Amp 2.3 Horsepower Corded Variable Speed Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base Router Kit with Hard Case

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Which router is the table compatible with MRC23EVSK?

Answer: This router can be used with various types of router tables. So, you can choose any kind of router table over here. For more accuracy, you can also use the router table with Rockler.

Question 2: What router lifts will work with MRC23EVSK?

Answer: Most of the users suggest that this router will work in the Incra lift or the Prolift with the adapter.

Question 3: Why would you choose this?

Answer: It is one of the best power tools that are highly recommended by other users. Even it has lots of features that are not present in other routers. All the spare parts of this router are also available in local stores. The price is also lower comparing to other routers, but the service is better.

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What Do Others Say?

This router makes the user more organized in their job. The good side of this router is the smooth operation. Lots of users appreciated that. You will get no harsh resistance from it. It is quite easy to use in harder wood as well.

If you try the 2000 RPM for harder material like a solid oak plank, then you can be sure that it will operate smoothly. Other routers on the market definitely cannot promise such a level of efficiency.

The users suggested avoiding spending lots of money on other routers as this one can get you the best of the quality. But the selection of right RPM is important while using this one.

Some people just burned the wood by setting the highest RPM. It can also ruin the whole project as well. So without the experience of dealing routers, this one can be dangerous, especially with its massive horsepower.


A router must be made with advanced tech and features for attaining the level of perfection in your work. For some advanced work, you will need a heavy-duty router and I hope this Bosch MRC23EVSK review can get you some idea on what you should choose in this regard.

After a quick session with this router, you pretty much will admit that it is impressive enough to be on your workstation.

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