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Best Dado Blade Set Review 2021

by Chooser Guide

Recently I realized my blade tools became blunt while I was working on my workhouse. I badly needed to replace those blades with a new one for my table saw. So, getting suggestions from my fellow colleague, I purchased a dado blade set for woodworks.

And I might say that was an awesome product ever. The blades are sharpers, thinner but sturdy. The same brand offers multiple model blades according to one’s demand. So, choose the best blade set at a reasonable price.

Even the blade set comes with all the necessary tools, which make it easier to set. However, I have picked up ten Dado blade tools out of my knowledge and experience. That might be helpful for new buyers or users.

10 Best Dado Blade Set Features

Beginners to experienced workers Dado blade tool is perfect for any woodwork. It is designed so nicely that it makes work easy. Overall the product can give you comfort during working. Here are the ten different dado blade set reviews. Have a look at them below.

1.   Freud Super Dado Blade


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Freud’s dado blade is the most featuring and innovative product. It is manufactured with high technology, so it can last long. Even it can provide flawless service. Here are the features of the item below:

Sharp and Splinter-free Cutting

The blade set comes with two blades, a shim set, six chippers with a carrying set. 24 tooth blades are able to cut any wood smoothly. Moreover, 5/8″ arbor is the perfect design for splinter-free finishing.

Safeguard Against Danger

The manufacturer provides the necessary tools with the item for installation. It is safe to use and set up. The blade set is promoted with an anti-kickback plan.

Innovative Manufacture

Freud is one of the leading companies in manufacturing woodworking tools. It’s own manufactured materials, Tico, a composition of cobalt and titanium, is used to make. It is responsible for product performance, efficiency, and life extension.


  • 8″, 5/8″ arbor and 24 teeth blades.
  • Features of hi-density TiCo carbide. 
  • I.C.E. Coating keeps it clean and rust-free.
  • It came with an anti-kickback plan.


  • Complicated to choose the right one among varieties of the item.

Most of the users have given positive reviews after using it, though.

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2.   DEWALT Dado Set DW7670

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Dado Dewalt blade set constructed with care, especially for professional woodcutters. Not only that, it is able to cut any types of wood with efficiency. The heavy gauge blade comes with a toolbox. The features are given below:

Construction Materials

The high dense materials are used to protect the product from damages. The 24 teeth blade is made of carbide. And the shims constructed with stainless steel deliver the fine adjustment.

Ideal for Professionals

The professional woodworkers, cabinetmakers find it ideal. It ensures a clean, smooth, and bottom cut. It offers different kinds of cuttings in different wood and materials. 

Handy Tool Box

24 teeth blade, 6 chippers, 4 teeth shim all comes in a handy box. It is easier to keep every tool together and safe. Even it makes carrying easy also.


  • High-quality stainless steel plate shield against damages.
  • Storage case provided to protect blades and chippers.
  • 24 teeth carbide blade delivers smooth and splinter-free cut.
  • The chipper provides fine and bottom cut.


  • Hard to cut excessive and heavy material. 

Most of the buyers benefited from the product. And they are thankful for the toolbox comes as handy for keeping all tools together.

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3.   Freud SD208S Dado Set

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5/8″ arbor and 8″ freud dado blade set is another super creation of the Freud organization. The product is compatible for all woodworks. The usage of the materials enhances its longevity, performance and durability. The key features are below:

Plain Cutting

It offers a splinter free and nice finishing cut. The chippers of the blade are used for bottom line cutting. Even it is compatible with all types of table saw.

High Maintenance

I.C.E. coating is the resistance of damages and temperature. It protects the blade from overheating during work. So, it helps to keep cool and clean the blade.

Blade Set With All Tools

The blade set includes blades (2), Chippers (3), shim set, and a carrying case. All important tool in one case. Moreover, the equipment are made high density TiCo.


  • Lesere printed model number and size for easy reference.
  • All tools come with in one case.
  • I.C.E. coating keeps the blades cool during work.
  • Provides a very good and clean cut.


  • Limited choice in selecting width and one size is available.

The people working privately got the best advantages and response very positively. It is also perfect for professional users.

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4.   Freud SD206 Dado Set

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Six inches and ten teeth dado blade is a magnificent creation of the Freud industry. 5/8″ arbor design comes with two blades, three chippers, a shim set, spacers, and including a carrying case.

Flexible Cutting

This small blade can cut varieties of materials like laminates, hardwood, etc. The negative angles offer a straight splinter-free clean structure of wood. Even it doesn’t require excessive power to operate.

Durable and Extensive Life 

The high volume carbide that promotes sharpness of blade and i.C.E. Coating increases its life extension. The silver coating retains the blade running smooth and cool. 

Ensures Protection

The design of anti-kickback gives extra safety during cutting materials. On the other hand, a shim set helps keep a distance from the blades and increases heat.


  • Heavy-duty materials are used to construct the product.
  • Special I.C.E. Prevents loss or damages.
  • The sophisticated structure extends its life and durability. 
  • Negative angles feature a delicate and perfect cut.


  • This is the old design of the Freud blade set.

The design isn’t developed by present technology, though. But still, it can offer the best performance.

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5.   Oshlun SDS-0842 Dado Set

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Eight inches blade set with a 16 piece tool is the perfect combination for any professional. This product is the most pleasing design built by its manufacturer. And it can deliver excellent services to its users.

Go Deepest Of a Object

The 42 featured tooth blade can go deepest of wood and can give a unique structure. The teeth of the blades are also very sharp. It can go ¼’’ to 29/32’’ depth.

Robust Construction

C-4 carbide grade with I.C.E. coating made it constructively hardest and long-lasting. It is able to cut any types of wood like softwood, hardwood, plywood, etc.

Including Full Tools

All necessary tools that need to set up a table saw are included in the carrying case. Total of 16 pieces tool includes blades, shim, chippers, etc. All are very safe to use.


  • 5/8’’ arbor with 42 teeth blades set.
  • Able to go ¼’’ to 29/32’’ depth.
  • The full body sets produce less vibration.
  • C-4 grade micro grain provides sharper and varieties cut.


  • More teeth tend to break than fewer teeth blades for excessive force.

The users of this product recommended it for new buyers to purchase it for its unrivaled advantages.

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6.   Freud SBOX8 Set

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This Freud set is ideal for building box joints or joint jigs. Joint jigs are one kind of woodwork and exceptional design. So, this set complimentary for making this carving.

Provides All Necessary Tools

To make joint jig and box joints, Freud provides all the required tools. It gives two blades and a manual of joint jig making. But it doesn’t require any saw blades set.

Fair Costing

Buying blades set for woodwork is quite expensive, though. But this handy set isn’t so costly. Even it is fair and affordable for everyone.

Effective And Long Lasting

It’s manufactured in a way that it can run for many years. Local sellers provide a minimum warranty, but usually, these can serve a long time.


  • Included one manual for making joint jig and box joints.
  • It doesn’t require a full Dado saw blade set.
  • The cross-cutting featured blades are built with TiCo Carbide.
  • It’s designed in an anti-kickback manner.


  • It’s slower a bit to cut any object.

For special designs like box joints, users have a very positive point of view. But it tends to run a bit slow.

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7.   IRWIN Stacked 8-Inch

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Irwin Stacked blade set is an Italian engineered special design and manufactured product. It is maintained to the standard to make the product perfect, effective for any challenging work. So, let’s have a look at product characteristics below:

Special Coating For Heat Resistant

The blades have a non-stick coating mixing with Aluminum Matrix, which prevents them from getting hot. The saw can run for long without interruption with this making process.

Grooves Cutting

Eight inches and 12 teeth featured blades set can cut grooves in diameter from ¼’’ to ⅞’’. It can give a smooth and clean finish to any object like hardwoods, plywood, softwood, and melamine.

High-Quality TiCo

The products come with laser-cut, thin and resharpenable carbide. Which provides flawless and durable products. Besides, it offers different cuts like groove, shelving, etc. 


  • It provides two outer blades, seven shims, three chippers, and three spacers.
  • Non-stick coating for heat control.
  • Cuts object from ¼’’ – 7/8″ width.
  • Manufactured with resharpenable carbide.


  • It has fewer teeth for cutting thick and lots of objects at the same time. Teeth can break easily.

 The user made smart use of the product got the most of the benefits. Thin sheets of wood can be cut altogether.

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8.   Mibro Group Stacking Dado Blade

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The set is made with innovative German technology for USA users. The 14 pieces set come with two saw blades, seven metal shims, five Chippers, and one compact case. However, the tools provide outstanding performances.

Contributes Precision Work

Carbide-made Sharpe blades and shims provide precision output. It offers smooth and clean edges to the object. Moreover, the blades can go deep of 1/4″-13/16″.

Safety Ensure Compact case

All the sharp tools come inside a compact case. So, those can be stored safely inside a workplace. Besides, the design of anti-kickback safeguards from any situation.

Durability and life Guarantee

The Garman developer built this product very diligently. The carbide teeth ensure effectiveness and prevent fracture. The chippers are made with the same preceding and give a flat and smooth cut.


  • Carbide chippers and blades deliver splinter-free structures.
  • The products come with 14 pieces of different tools.
  • it offers immaculate, smooth edges.
  • Ranges of widths 1/4″-13/16″.


  • To keep prices in ranges, the manufacturer has used cheap materials.

The users gave average responses about the product. Some users found difficulty arranging a couple of numbers of tools. But overall, it is a superior product.

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9. Oshlun SBJ-0830 Joint Set

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Oshlun is the perfect setting for building finger sets of a particular design in wood. The box set only includes two blades and an instruction manual. Which is very simple to install in a table saw.

High-Quality Carbide

The manufacturer used grade C-4 carbide to keep the blades sharper and durable. These blades can give professionals finishing to any sort of object. Such as softwood, hardwood, etc.

Deliver Accurate Crosscutting

The 30 teeth characteristic blades are provided in different sizes. ¼’’ and ⅜’’ is the popular size for crosscutting wood with perfect and smooth finishing. The blades can go deep from ¼’’ to ⅜’’ width easily.

Storage and Safety

The manufacturer provides a carrying case to keep all tools altogether. It makes the setup of the saw quick. Even it keeps the tools safe from any accident.


  • The 30 teeth featured blade makes a smooth cross-cutting across the bottom of the object.
  • The set provides two blades and detailed instructions for making box joints.
  • C-4 graded Carbide keeps the blades sharper for a long time.
  • The number of teeth allows cutting impeccable square fingers.


  • Offers variety in width, which means more calculation during work. For beginners, it might be an issue.

Users recommended the product to buy as they got benefits for a precision cut.

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10.   Freud SD608 Dado Sets

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Eight inches SA608 Dado set is ideal for serious woodwork. For convenient and speedy work, this Freud blade tool is the best. So, have a look at the features below:

Fastest Setup

Without the shim set, the blade set allows the easy and fastest installation of the saw. Moreover, it saves time by eliminating the setup and removal of the shim set. 

Sharpest Blades

The set comes with two sharp blades that are made by high dense Premium TiCo. The blades can cut hardwood, laminate, etc. with smooth edges. Besides, the blade can go .906 inch to 0.004-inch width with the usual force.

Quick Cleaning of Waste

The five chippers included with the set accelerate the quick cutting of objects. At the same time, four wings of chippers help to clean waste materials easily.


  • Included full blade set wrench, two blades, five chippers, and a case.
  • TiCo Carbide materials extend their life expectancy.
  • Offers fasted set up of saw.
  • Easy cleaning of wastage.


  • Less depth of width the blades can reach.

The users had mixed impressions regarding the set, but many gave positive reviews.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Blade Set

Circular or table saw are becoming more popular day by day. This type of saw is fancy, and most of the builders prefer this saw. The saw is easy to use and quickly cut or carve any wood object.

Even it can carve any complicated structure within a second. But there is still a need to be conscious before buying this saw. The essential points are given below:

Size of blades

The bigger the size of a blade, the more thick object it can cut. For industrial purposes, one might need 10’’ to 14’’. But who works randomly or privately they might need 8’’. Even it depends on how thick the wood is!

A thick object needs larger blades to cut. So, read the instructions carefully. The capacity of every blade is mentioned there.

Size of teeth

Different cutting requires different teeth of a blade. It requires fewer teeth for cutting or ripping. However, for crosscutting, you may need more teeth blades. If you are not sure, buy a multi-purpose or combined blade. Here is the chart of the ideal teeth of blades for multiple works:

  • Ripping: 24 to 30 teeth for 10’’ blade and 40 or less teeth for 12’’ blade.
  • Crosscutting: 60 teeth for 10’’ blades and 80 teeth for 12’’ blade.
  • Combination: 50 teeth for 10’’ blade and 60 teeth for 12’’ blade.

Depth cut

The depth of a blade means how deep a blade can go cut any object. It entirely relies on the size of the blade. The more a blade can go deep, you have to give less effort to cut wood. Usually, 10’’ blade’s depth is 3 inches. And 12’’ blade depth is 4 inches.

Driving power

Circular or table saw are operated by electric power. So, it needs a high voltage of electricity. The larger the size of a blade, the more electrical power it needs. Even for smooth cutting and quick cutting high electrical drive. So, before buying, ensure the driving power of the blade tool.

The thickness of blade plates

Thickness is a vital issue for comfortable work. The thicker the blade is, the better performance it provides. On the other hand, a thinner blade means less wood dust and waste. But thinner blades got heated quickly. So, most of the workers prefer thick blades. The ideal measure of the thickness of blades is 1/8-1/4 inches.

Special Tips for Enhance Blades Effectiveness

It’s quite challenging to use circular or table saws. It’s one kind of massive investment for your workplace. So, you should carefully use your saw.

The performance and longevity also depend on good maintenance. So, here are few tips for utilizing the saw:

  • Blade size, teeth number, and other information are printed on most of the blades. So, you can quickly see and choose the right blade for you.
  • Do not force on the blade during cutting. It won’t speed up your work. Moreover, it can decrease saw life. Hold and let the machine do the rest of the job.
  • Oil your blades, especially old blades, for smooth cutting. It reduces noise as well.
  • Keep warranty cards carefully. If any problem appears within a time period. You can replace it.
  • Never cut any metal object if it is strictly prohibited in the instruction. This way, a machine can lose its workability.


Readers might have many questions regarding dado blades. If anyone goes through all the information above, most of the questions may be cleared.

But below, a few questions are covered. Hopefully, readers may find their answer there:

How worth is buying a Freud dado blade set?

Freud is a leading company marketing woodworking tool in America and has been in this field for 50 years. The main materials needed to manufacture dado blades are made in the Freud laboratory. So, they are holding the position by maintaining product quality.

How safe is the dado blade set?

Well, it is 100% safe and secure to use this blade. Read the instruction before installing the blades on the manual. Besides, wear proper attire while working with a saw. This way, you can prevent any mishap caused by a saw.

How enduring are the blades?

If anyone focuses on the materials of the blades, they can understand it quickly. The blades are formed from a combination of cobalt and titanium. The shim is made from stainless steel.

That enhances the product’s life and prevents any damages. Every seller provides a minimum guarantee of every product, though.

Final Verdict

A blade can be referred to as the best blade set when it matches one’s demand. There are focused on the ten best Dado blade sets with different sizes and models.

Moreover, One doesn’t have to worry about product quality and durability. Apart from the few disadvantages, there are lots of advantages included. Besides, contact the sellers before buying any item.

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