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Benchmade 940 EDC Manual Open Folding Knives Review

by Chooser Guide
Benchmade 940

Represent your personality and passions through your pocket knife. High quality, tasteful design, and fancy details are key in a premium-folding knife. The Benchmade 940 EDC folding knife scores high on all these attributes making it an essential everyday carry knife.

Even better, this knife has a high knife life score making it a versatile choice to use wherever your adventure takes you.

940 EDC knife brings you all the features that you need in a high-end portable knife. It is light in weight, compact and has a reversible clip. Better still, it features advanced features such as high-quality blade, exquisite finish, and ergonomic handle. This makes it an awesome all-around knife for anyone seeking a great folding knife.

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Product Specifications

  • Blade material and length: S30V stainless steel, 3.40 inches long
  • Overall length: 7.87 inches
  • Weight:9 ounces
  • Handle: ergonomic aluminum handle
  • Closed length:47 inches
  • Locking mechanism: Axis Lock

Features & Benefits of Benchmade 940 EDC folding knife

v Premium Design

The Benchmade 940 knife boasts of a versatile, robust, and premium design, which ensures superb performance. We love the modern sleek design that is appealing to most people.

Overall, the awe-inspiring elegance makes it a great gentleman’s gift. Besides the aesthetics, we love the ergonomic design that makes it not only easy to use but also enhances your comfort.

The ergonomic design provides you with a superior grip making it easy to perform daily tasks. Notably, thanks to the slim profile, this knife makes a perfect addition to your survival kit, tackle box as well as your backpack when heading out for outdoor adventures.

v Superior Blade

The Benchmade 940 knife features a 3.4-inch long modified reverse tanto blade. The blade is surprisingly thin, especially when considering its performance. Only 0.115” thick, the blade may seem feeble but thanks to its steel construction, it outperforms other thicker blades.

The lightweight blade combined with compact design also allows the knife to literary disappear in your pocket.

Still, on the performance, the high-quality American steel blade is corrosion-resistant, easy to sharpen and hold an edge. At the same time, the blade is tougher than average blades making it a great choice to handle intense jobs including military use, as well as extreme outdoors.

Moreover, the silvery, shiny finish makes the blade stand out.

Benchmade 940Benchmade 940 EDC Manual Open Folding Knives Review 2

v Solid, ergonomic handle

Simplicity is king when it comes to the Benchmade 940 EDC folding knife. This model comes with a very simple yet ergonomic handle. It is crafted from a durable 6061-T6 aluminum handle.

For enhanced performance, the handle is fully ambidextrous and features a smooth satin grip making it versatile enough to handle just any application.

As mentioned, the handle is pretty simple. So, you shouldn’t expect to find anything very fancy. But, we love the fact that it puts more emphasis on comfort and secure grip. At the same time, the handle doesn’t feel cheap.

The aluminum construction makes it feel solid, sturdy, and simple to use. Besides fitting well in your hand and providing you the much-needed ergonomics, the handle does not corrode or chip even after prolonged use.

v Above-average Locking Mechanism

True to its roots, this knife also features a versatile axis locking mechanism that is housed inside the handle. This is the same locking mechanism that is used on other Benchmade knives.

The mechanism is also quite popular thanks to its 100 percent ambidextrous performance. This locking mechanism features a hardened steel bar that rocks back and forth to lock and unlock the knife.

Similarly, this locking mechanism provides you with much-needed safety. For instance, when unlocking the axis is usually positioned over the blade rear. Thereafter the pin slides down the tang’s angled tang.

This ensures that the knife remains well secured while in an unlocked or locked position. And thanks to the easy functionality, you will enjoy working with your knife.

v Simplicity of Use

The 940EDC folding knife is perfectly designed to fit both small and large-sized hands. The ergonomic design is well balanced and offers sufficient traction along with your thumb ramp. While still maintaining a simple, lightweight design, this invincible folding knife packs a punch with its unobtrusive form factor.

With a decent blade length, the knife has a nice edge that makes it easy to slice through different materials. Equally, we love the dagger look, although it is slightly slimmer when compared to most daggers.

When it comes to edge retention, the CPM-S30V steel blade ensures first-grade edge retention as well as impressive corrosion resistance.

Likewise, this model weighs a mere 2.90 ouches and has an overall 7.87-inch length. These attributes bond well for a pocket-sized pocket. The thin and lightweight design makes most people forget that they are carrying it. It also literally disappears in your pants or jacket pockets without budging.

Another main draw is its tiny footprint completely being completely full-sized. This makes it applicable for various situations including defense, hunting, food preparations, as well as other outdoor uses.

v Reversible Tip-up Pocket Clip

Regarded as one of the best quintessential folding knives of all time, this knife is not only solid and stylish but also practical to use in all situations imaginable.

Another notable feature worth noting is the reversible pocket clip that allows for easy and safe tip-up carry. The clip is superbly crafted and has a nice finish that doesn’t chip off. The stainless steel clip is designed to last and offers a secure grip.

In the same breath, the clip is not obstructive and feels comfortable in your hand. It comes in a slim and smooth design that doesn’t feel to clunk. Moreover, the clip has a reversible design making great for both right and left-handed individuals.


  • The superior blade is strong enough to tackle most cutting needs
  • Compact, foldable, and portable design
  • Ergonomic handle provides a balanced and secure grip
  • A solid design that is maintenance-free


  • The handle tends to fade after sometime

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Question: Who designs this knife and where?

Answer: Warren Osborne designs this knife and the company is based in the USA

Question: What type of blade does it have, serrated or none serrated?

Answer: This knife comes with a non-serrated blade

Question: What are the overall dimensions of this knife?

Answer: The knife has a 3.4-inch blade and overall length of 7.87inches

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Our Verdict

What we really like about the Benchmade 940 EDC folding knife is its balanced design and solid construction. It features an excellent length, handle, and weight that make it for everyday applications.

This versatile knife has outstanding performance when used in cutting various materials from nylon ropes to aluminum sheets. It also slices through plastic cuts wood, slices steak and opens office packages effortlessly.

This makes a handy companion for your hunting, camping trips as well as other household tasks.

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